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Ecommerce stuck in the last century? Customized strategy, development and support for ecommerce shops.

You can only achieve a great-looking custom web design in New York if you let the experts do the job for you. Proweaver is an expert in custom web design in New York and other web design projects. Proweaver has a professional web design team that lets you expect a highly professional business site. Why Proweaver’s custom web design services matter in NYC

Magento is an extremely robust, flexible and highly customizable ecommerce platform for building online stores. Command C has over eight years of experience with Magento. If you are serious about building a lasting ecommerce website that is designed to grow and is extremely customizable, Magento is the way to go. The platform’s strength is its scalability, flexibility and out of the box feature set. We also offer extensive Magento maintenance options.
Command C is incredibly knowledgeable about Magento, on schedule, professional, and no pressure. They are fantastic to work with.”Are your customers having a great experience on all devices? Do you measure your website’s performance on critical tasks? Are you continuously improving customer experience to stay a step ahead of competitors?

Your business goals should be supported by smart user experience (UX), search engine optimization (SEO) and communication strategies. Our strategy experts can analyze your data and test your site with real people. After discovering the “why” behind people’s behaviors on your site, we can make informed changes. And we can provide ongoing support for continuous conversion improvement.

Online shopping should be a breeze. Let’s create a smooth experience for your customers on all devices. Tell us your concerns. We can then test and make recommendations to improve your conversion rate.

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Need to migrate from one ecommerce platform to another? Or, upgrade to a newer version of your current platform? We can work with you to devise a plan and execute your migration. We have experience migrating from many different platforms to Magento or Shopify. Our migrations can include:
  • Product Migration
  • Customer Migration
  • Order History Migration
  • Full Functionality Migration and Enhancements