Redesign Web Application

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When redesigning a Web application, the goal of the software architect is to minimize the complexity by separating tasks into different areas of concern while designing a secure, high performance application. Follow these guidelines to ensure that your application meets your requirements, and performs efficiently in scenarios common to Web applications. A Web application is an application that can be accessed by the users through a Web browser or a specialized user agent. The browser creates HTTP requests for specific URLs that map to resources on a Web server. The server renders and returns HTML pages to the client, which the browser can display. The core of a Web application is its server-side logic. The application can contain several distinct layers.
At a high level, a Web application can perform request processing in two ways. With the post back approach, the browser primarily communicates with the server using Web Forms post backs. A popular alternative approach is to use Restful service calls between the browser and the server.

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